About me

Hi, I´m Mariana Rubí, dancer since I have memory, creative because my accelerated mind asks for it and graduated in communication by chance. This project is my personal renewal and the rescue of my art and great passion ... the oriental dance.


I arrived at my first dance class at age 10, I still remember my mom telling me that I just wanted to dress in pink like the other girls hehe and the truth is that now I realize that I fell in love; I fell in love with the connection that was created between my mind, my heart and my body; Feeling that only the dance could achieve I have always been something hyperactive. Addicted to the sensation of the movement I tried many techniques: ballet, hawaiian, jazz, latin rhythms, mexican folklore, contemporary, gymnastics, bla bla bla.

At age 16 I found the dance that was designed for me, it was all me, it was my personality, my feelings: the oriental dance. Ufffff … you certainly lived it! That moment when you click and say “here I am”; So it was … I found my place.

Determined in my passion for this dance, I moved to Argentina to study the professional career at the Arabian Dance School and at the Saida´s School. In 2011 I received my professional title for ADS, one of the happiest moments of my life. Thanks Mom and Dad!

I have been fortunate to teach in Mexico, Argentina, China and Thailand; This has definitely marked my life and development in me an immense satisfaction to share what I love.

Today I am here, thank you for being, for being part of BDP and for sharing with me your love of dance.