and you, how do you say it?

Oriental Dance, Bellydance, Arabian Dance, Raks Sharki … and you, how do you say it?

Today I want to talk  about this issue that creates a lot of confusion in our ballerinas heads, and I understand that we want to be as correct as possible, but with so much we don´t know which one. And I want to tell you what I know and what I believe, which obviously is not the absolute truth, you can create your own.

When we talk about the Terminology of Dance, I mean all those names that you can hear to call our dance, here’s the list:

Oriental dance
Arabic dance
Raks Shaki

At the time they are the only ones I know haha ​​XD Let’s check one by one:



Oriental Dance is nothing more than the translation of the Arabic term Raks Sharki. This name was designated by Badia Masabni in 1930, and she used it to call the shows that were presented in their casino.

Is it ok? From my point of view, YES


Arab Dance I think it is a very general term, it refers to all the dances of all the Arab countries, can you imagine! Encompassing traditional and folk dances … and from each country. That’s definitely not what most of us do.

Is it ok? Definitely NOT, but if I have clear that it´s the most popular name that people understand what we do, sometimes I also use it … easier haha. So the final answer would be NO, but YES.


It is a concept that in a certain way marks the beginning of a profound change in dance, the fusion between the Eastern and Western world. This term emerged of the United States and countries of Europe that saw dancers, and from there they called Bellydance due to its movements. It is also said that Bellydance involves other techniques such as ballet, jazz, etc. That is, oriental races with the western touch.

Is it ok? YES, and personally I think this term is the one that most resembles the dance that we present the Westerners, although we try to stick to the root of the dance.


Here you have it, I really said in every way. The important thing is that I am clear what I do and what I do not, and I adapt according to who is speaking. Dont you think?

Tell me how you say, which term for you is correct, or if you know another name, I would love to know what you think about this subject.

<3 Mariana Ru



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