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I am so happy because this post was requested by my Facebook Page,  i´m really excited  to know that you like the content of Bellydance Project and that we share our passion for dance. Angela and Sara here is your blog ? 

There are very few books that I have and well, in Bellydance there is almost nothing ?  So my dance library  is formed by books of dance, stretching, oriental dance and many magazines! Here I leave you the list and if you know about another book please share the data! ??

Dance Anatomy:

  • Anatomy, Dance Technique and Injury Prevention
    By Justin Howse and Moira McCormack
  • The body in dance: Posture, movement and pathology
    By Núria Massó Ortigosa

Next book it´s about stretching, I bought it in Argentina it´s by an argentine dancer and teacher.

  •  Elongación x elongación
    By Alfredo Gurquel

Bellydance Books:

You could find it at Arabian Dance School.

  • Millenary Bellydance
    By Amir Thaleb
  • Bellydance
    By Devorah Korek

This is the book that was harder to get:

  • The reign of the dancers
    By Shokry Mohamed

The author has more books that i have failed to get ? 

  • The magic bellydance
  • The magic bellydance II

My seventh book is also from an Argentine dancer.

  • Traditional styles of egyptian dance
    By Mariel Sitka

And another fact that I want to tell you is the e-book by Farida Fammy, you can get it on her website and It’s in different languages.

  • The Creative Development of the Mahmoud Reda
    By Farida Fammy


And  I complement all this  with a pile of Inforarabe magazines from my friend Martín Salvatierra, I do not have the latest ones but they are good, as you can see they has full of annotations and posticks … Yes I read them ?

??If you want me to make a video doing  a Review of each book leave it in the comments. I´ll love it !



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