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Bellydance benefits

It´s true that I will only praise my dance, but leaving that aside, Bellydance has many benefits physical and emotional. It is a dance that creates a total connection and I can say with certainty that all dances have not  that virtue, in this dance you can not just dance and that your feelings do not get involved in any moment Impossible!

Yoga for Bellydancers

It all started with a warm-up of a dance technique class, in Chile, 2008. At that time I didn’t know much about what this Yoga thing was, nor did it even catch my attention. My bias was that Yoga was “boring”, just sitting, meditating and being “Zen”, in short, it was not for me. I liked to move my body, to dance was my meditation, but in time all my prejudices fell apart. How wrong I was!

Know your bones

Knowing our body is fundamental to our dance. In the next articles i will share the most important points of anatomy for us dancers. Stay tuned for the upcoming articles.

The skeleton forms the structure of the human body. It is composed of hard bone tissue and cartilage. It is formed by 206 bones, most of them are pairs.