What about Bellydance Project?

¡Hi dancers! In this first blog definitely i only could write about the reason for this new project, because that is the question that everyone has asked me when I talk about this.  So let´s talk about it!

¿Why does Bellydance Project exist? Here comes the answer, Bellydance Project arises because of my great need to share how little or how much I know about dance; life took me a different course for a while, but fortunately everything takes care of getting back together.

It was a process until arriving here, full of emotions, fears and effort; i spend most of my time in front of a computer, landing my ideas.

I thought, I read, felt, did, redid and went back to redo; i gave myself time to do everything calmly to have the best possible result. And here it is!

Definitely we make the opportunities, so i started to work on my dance.

It all started in August last year when i thought what i was doing with my life, which was what i wanted, will it be things of the age? LOL; so i approached valuable people, who love to undertake and they motivate you to give everything, and that’s what happened, they motivated me. Ricki and Aro, Thanks a lot!

“It is ok to say no longer, to say yes, to change, to transform ourselves “

I wondered if i wanted to go back and definitely my answer was yes, so get down to work! I dedicated myself to create what to me as a dancer and internet user I would like to find: A platform in which we can all contribute, share knowledge, correct us, help us … that is Bellydance Project  ?

Thank you for being here, I hope you enjoy this project and that it serves you as support if you are already a professional, teacher, student or if you are just starting.

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