Whats’s up with Rhythmology?

Rhythmology… hehe love hate many of us, and I accept, I did not learn another rhythm apart from Maksum for so long hahaha I could not understand the reason for his existence, and fortunately or sadly where he studied was very rare that we saw a rhythm, So for many years I did not have to deal with that.

It was until I enter a study professionally OMG! I had to learn all the rhythms to pass the grade; And something i had never imagined happened…i loved it.

Rhythmology is totally connected to everything that we dance, to the style, to the step that we execute, to everything! You will realize that knowing the rhythms is a great tool when interpreting a musical theme, you will develop your ear to create harmonious pieces of dance.

Arabic music has many rhythms, but that is a subject that we will see little by little. My plan in this area is to teach you the different ways of learning the rhythms, so that you choose the one that is easier to retain and of course to run in cymbals or drum.

Believe me, you’ll enjoy it and love it

The difficult thing about this, I think is that not all learn the same way, but if you show a range of options to understand it, surely one will adapt to you!

I hope you´ll be alert of the blog and the videos, so that you check immediately when we start. If you are already a teacher, this will probably help you to improve your classes and if you are starting  Cool! You will start understanding arabic music very well.



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